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To join the Maryland Nursery and Landscape Association, please complete an application and fax it or mail it to the address listed on the Contact Us page.

The purpose of the Maryland Nursery and Landscape Association is to promote the use of ornamental plants, products and services.  The association supports all constituent groups of the horticulture industry.

  • Promote the role of the horticulture industry in improving people's quality of life.
  • Promote professionalism through education programs for members and the public and by encouraging enrollment in educational institutions.
  • Monitor state and local laws relating to the horticulture industry.
  • Participate actively in the legislative and regulatory processes.
  • Promote the use of environmentally sound practices in the horticulture industry.
  • Monitor and communicate to members developments in allied industries including agri-technology.
  • Support donations of plant products and services to state and community programs.
  • Participate in Maryland agriculture organizations.

A & A Tree Experts, Inc.
Adkins Arboretum
Adventure Nursery
Amereq, Inc.
Angelica Nurseries, Inc.
APR Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc.
Arbor Landscapers, Inc.
Atlantic Star Nursery
Bailey Nurseries, Inc.
Behnke Nurseries Company, The
Bending Bough Nursery
Black Creek Nursery
Borderline LLC
Briggs Nursery, Inc.
Brooke Run Tree Farm, Inc.
Carino Nurseries
Carroll Tree Service, Inc.
Cavano's Perennials, Inc.
CCBC Dundalk Campus
Chesapeake Nurseries, Inc.
Clovelly Nurseries
Conard-Pyle Company, The
Cumberland Nurseries
D.R. Snell Nursery Inc.
Dr. Conrad B. Link
E & E Trees, Inc.
Earth Pro's
Eastern Shore Nursery of VA
Edrich Farms Nursery
Enviro-Art Horticulutre Services
Enviornmental Qualtiy Resources LLC
Evergro Landscaping, Inc.
Exterior Image & Woodscape
Fair View Nursery, Inc.
Family Tree Nursery, Inc.
Five Seasons Landscaping
Four Seasons Consulting
Fred Wick's Quail Run Nursery
G. S. Abbott & Associates
Gardener's Guild
Genesis Landscape Development
George's Green Thumb
Green Fields Nursery & Landscape Company
Green Mountain Landscaping
Greenery, The
Greenspring Landscaping
Greenway Farms
Halcyon Landscapes
Heartwood Nursery, Inc.
Himmels Farm & Garden Center
Holly Hill Farm
Homestead Gardens, Inc.
Hyattsville Nursery, Inc.
Ivy Farm, Inc., The
J-N-D Company, Inc.
James T. Warring Sons, Inc.
Johnson's Florist/Nursery
Joseph Wick Nurseries, Ltd.
Kenneth D. Brown, Inc.
King's Tree Farm
Kinzie Farms Nursery
Kollar Nursery
Kuipers Landscapes, Inc.
Landscape Development Company
Laurel Valley Soils
Lilley Farms & Nursery, Inc.
Lost Hen Farm
Lowry & Company, Inc.
Marco Products Corporation
Marshy Point Nursery, Inc.
Maryland Cooperative Extension Services
Maryland Environmental Service
Maryland Natives Nursery, Inc.
Maxalea, Inc.
McLean Nurseries
Melwood Horticultural Training Center
Meyer Seed Co., of Baltimore, Inc.
Mid-Atlantic Insurance Associates
Mobjack Nurseries, Inc.
Monterey Lawn & Garden Products, Inc.
Morrison Nursery, Inc.
Mullan Nursery Co., Inc.
Myers & Myers Horticulture
Norpoint Holding Enterprises
Nursery Sales Associates
Oakwood Nursery
Oehme, Van Sweden & Associates, Inc.
Old Courthouse Nursery LLC
P. T. Plant Sales
Pender Nursery, Inc.
Perennial FArm, The
Phyto Ecology
Pine Tree Distibutors, Inc.
Pope Farm Nursery
Professional Landscape Management Services
Quaker Neck Holly
Radmer Farms, LLC
Rich Landscaping and Design
Richar Brusca Nursery, Inc.
Rimol Greenhouse Systems
Riverside Nursery, Inc.
Robin Hill Farm Nursery
Rolling Acres Landscaping Nursery
Ruppert Nurseries, Inc.
Scott D. Thompson Landscapes LLC
Side Jobs
Signe Hanson
Sitelight LD, Inc.
Somerset Landscaping Company
St. Giles Field Nursery
Sterling Nursery, Inc. The
Sycamore Lane Nursery, Inc.
Syngenta Professional Products
Tankard Nurseries, The
Thomas M. Hunter Landscaping
Three SEasons
Timberleigh Hill Nursery
Timonium Nurseries, Inc.
Town Creek Nursery
Treeland Nurseries, Inc.
Tuckahoe Nurseries, Inc.
Turf Valley Resort and Conference Center
University of Maryland
V & M Priapi, Inc.
Valley View Landscape
W. H. Boyer, Inc.
Walter Fehr & Son
Water's Edge Nursery Company
Watts Creek Nursery
Waynesboro Nurseries, Inc.
Wentworth Nursery, Inc.
Wetsel, Inc.
Wight Nurseries of Monrovia
William T. King, Inc.
Witman Associates, Inc.
Woodland Nursery of Salisbury
X.S. Smith, Incorporated

A-1 uniform Sales Co., Inc.
Advance Lawn Care
Akehurst Landscape Service, Inc.
American Plant Food Company
Appalachian Nurseries, Inc.
Arbor Glen Nurseries, Inc.
Aspen Grove Landscape Company
Babikow Greenhouses
Barlett Tree Expert Co.
Bell Nursery, Inc.
Benedicts's Garden Center
Bobtown Nursery
Bradley Thompson
Broadview Manor, Inc.
Brooke Valley Landscapes, Inc.
Carolina Nurseries, Inc.
Carter Horticulture
Caves Valley Golf Club
Chapel Valley Landscape
Clear Ridge Nurery, Inc.
Columbia Landscape & Design Inc.
Country Garden Center, Inc.
D.J. Adams Enterprises LLC
David's Nursery
Dr. Francis R. Gouin
E. C. Geiger, Inc.
Eastern Shore Nurseries, Inc.
Ecological Restoration & Mgt.
Emory Knoll Farms
Environmental Concern, Inc.
Environmental Resources Group
Expert Landscape Management
F. A. Hobson Landscaping, Inc.
Fairview Landscaping
Fine Earth Landscape, Inc.
Flowerwood Nursery - Grand Bay Division
Foxborough Nursery, Inc.
G. K. Mudge Landscaping
Garden Gate Landscaping, Inc.
Gardens Remembered
George Mayo
Goodson & Associates
Green Industry Yellow Pages, Inc.
Greenbrier FArms Landscape of MD
Greenleaf Nursery Company
Greentree Landscaping
Griffith Bag Company
Hanover FArms, Inc.
Hawksridge Farms, Inc.
Hillside Nursery, Inc., The
Hogarth, Inc.
Holly Hill Farms, Inc.
Ingleside Plantation Nurseries
Ivy Hill Nursery Co., Inc.
J. B. Williams & Associates
John Shorb Landscaping, Inc.
Jon Clark, Inc.
Kelly Landscaping
Kenneth Myers & Son's Nursery
Kingsdene Nurseries, Inc.
Knoll Top Landscape
Kroh's Nursery, Inc.
Kurt Bluemel, Inc.
Latham's Nursery, Inc.
Leyland Landscaping, Inc.
Lilypons Water Gardens, Inc.
Low Maintenance Landscaping
Manor View Farm, Inc.
Marshalls Riverbank Nurseries
Maryland Aquatic Nurseries, Inc.
Maryland Dept. of Agriculture
Maryland Gardens Tree & Shrub
Maryland Plants & Supplies, Inc.
May Nursery
Meehans Bonsai Nursery
Metzler's Nursery, Inc.
Meyer Seed International
Millstone Cove Farms
Monroe Associates
Moon Nurseries of Maryland
Mountain Valley Farms & Lumber Products
Murphy John's, Inc.
Neu-Valley Nurseries, Inc.
Nursery Cargo, Inc.
Nursery Supplies, Inc.*
Octoraro Native Plant Nursery
Old Castle Stone Products
Outside Unlimited, Inc.
Panoramic Farm, Inc.
Penn State Seed Company
Phillips & Turman Tree Farms
Phytotektor, Inc.
Pinehurst Nursery
Pro-Lawn-Plus, Inc.
Property Care, Inc.
Quinn's Kingsville Nurseries, Inc.
Rager, Lehman & Houck, P.C.
Richard Bajana
Richard L. Marshall
Riverbend Nursery, Inc.
Robert Baker Co., The
Robin's Nest Floral and Garden Center
Roseland Nurseries, Inc.
Sadler Landscaping & Nursery
Shemin Nurseries, Inc.
Signature Horticulutral Services, Inc.
Simonds Nursery, Inc.
Snavely's Garden Corner
Speakman Nursery
Stadler Nursery
Sun Nurseries, Inc.
Sylva Native Nursery & Seed Co.
T.D.H. Nurseries & Landscaping LLC
Tarara Nursery
Thompson & Daughter Nursery
Tideland Gardens, Inc.
Timberneck Nursery
Tom Dodd Nurseries, Inc.
Tree Center, Inc.
True Green/ChemLawn Services
Tucker's Greenhouse & Nursery
Turtle Creek Nursery
US Filter
Valley View Farms
Vicotria Sacco Landscape
Walnut Springs Nursery, Inc.
Warren County Nursery, Inc.
Watkings Nurseries, Inc.
Waverly Farm
Weeks Wholesale Rose Grower
Westminster Wholesale
Wicklein's Water Gardens
William R. Conlin
Wilson Landscaping, Inc.
Wood Preservers, Inc.
Wye Nursery, Inc.
York Distributors