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Industry Surveys

The Maryland Nursery and Landscape Association has commissioned several state-wide horticulture surveys over the past 10 years.  Data reported from the survey results consistently supports that horticulture is the number two incoming producing commodity within Maryland's agriculture community.  Below, please find the Executive Summary from the 2012 survey and to the left, links to the 2012 survey results, 2007 survey results, issued in 2009, and 2003 survey results, issued in 2005.

The 2012 Maryland Horticulture Survey was conducted to measure the scope and impact of Maryland’s horticultural industry. The survey quantifies the types of plants grown and sold in Maryland, the sources and destination of plant materials, the number of individuals employed in the industry, the tenure of operation, the value of land and equipment, and horticultural sales. This survey also identifies factors which may be impacting growth of the industry. One final objective was to provide a measure of change with the previous surveys conducted in 2000, 2003, and 2007.

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2012 Maryland Horticulture Industry Statistical Profile and Economic Summary 

This fourth economic profile since 2000 provides comprehensive insights into the growth and strength of the horticulture industry in Maryland.  The first survey in 2000 provided a baseline of information from which many management and leadership decisions could be based.  The 2003 survey demonstrated the impact a drought year can have on industry growth.  The 2007 survey predated one of the most significant economic recessions in our nation’s history.  In 2012, the green industry was emerging from over four years of deep and widespread recession.  The horticulture industry was hit hard by a major slowdown in the housing industry, which is only starting to recover.  The economy is still a concern, and was identified as the number one factor limiting growth in this survey.  Reported sales from 2011 to 2012 showed a 4.8% drop in gross income, although the expected sales for 2013 indicate an 8.6% increase over 2012 numbers.  From 2011 to 2012, retailers showed the highest drop in gross income (-15.4%), while growers showed a modest increase (+2.8%).  Since this survey was completed by operations in the second half of 2013, it is reasonable to assume that projected increases are based on more than just hope.  Although there are many unknowns, the horticultural industry has shown a great degree of resiliency in the past five years, indicating that this industry will continue to thrive well into the future.  
Important highlights from the 2012 survey include:
Gross receipts were estimated at $1.19 billion in 2012, expected to increase to $1.30 billion in 2013
  • Retail sales accounted for 25% of sales
  • Landscape Installation and Maintenance accounted for 46% of sales
  • Growers sales (both wholesale and retail) accounted for 29%
  • Other categories accounted for a relatively small 0.3% ($3.5 million)
Maryland growers (wholesale and retail) generated $773 million in 2012 sales
  • Woody plants 45.7% - $357 million, more than twice the sales of annuals
  • Annuals 22.8% - $178 million
  • Herbaceous perennials 22% - $171 million
  • Specialty Greenhouse Products 5.5% - $43 million
  • Christmas Trees 0.7% - $6 million
  • Aquatics 0.5% - $4 million
  • Other products 2.9% - $22 million
Total area dedicated to nursery production and sales exceeds 29,980 acres including 495 acres of covered
(greenhouse) space.
The industry employed 25,605 people
  • 60% were employed full time (over 150 days per year)
  • Average wage rate for both experienced and non-experienced laborers was $10.80/hr – which is above the federal minimum wage
Factors limiting growth
  •  Financial Resources/Economy – The housing and general economy continue to make it difficult for the industry to grow
  • Government and taxes - regulations and taxes reduce profits
  • Labor – quality and quantity, as well as immigration were important factors
  • Competition – likely made worse due to the weak economy

Although this survey does not encompass the total economic activity of the green industry in Maryland, it does
provide a meaningful snapshot of the statewide trends. Although the majority of plants are grown and sold in
the state, it also shows that Maryland is reliant on other states for both importing plants and for markets to sell
finished plants.