MANTS 2016

January 6 - 8, 2016
Baltimore Convention Center

View the MANTS 2015 Show Summary Press Release, and visit the MANTS  website for further show data/demographics and testimonials. Visit the MANTS Website for MANTS 2016 exhibitor and attendee information.  Be sure to check out the great videos on the MANTS website, as well. 

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Achievements and Awards

Maryland Nursery and Landscape Association Criteria for Certificate for Professional Achievement

The person that is considered for the award of Professional Acheivement should be a MNLA member in good standing. This is a professional achievement award for a person that has made significant contributions over the years, so looking at members that have achieved great success or have contributed greatly at a young should not be considered at this time but should be good candidates for this award in the future. Candidates that are being considered should meet the requirements of one set of criteria listed below. 

  • Has run a business in the green indsutry that is recognized as a successful leader in the industry.
  • Has implemented practices or procedures that have been recognized as innovative and beneficial to the green industry. 
  • Has given substantial help with a charitable organization or many charitable organizations and is recognized as a green industry person that has made many contributions to the community. 
  • Has given service to the MNLA over lengthy time and there efforts are recognized as have helped keep the organization an important part of the green industry.
The Professional Achievement Committee should consist of two persons, one person from teh Western Shore and one person from the Eastern Shore. Committee members should serve for two years with terms overlapping. 

2012 - Mike Hemming

2011 - Kurt Bluemel

2010—John May

2009-—Mark Schlossberg

2008-—Jerry Faulring

2007-—George Mayo

2006-—Robert Dieter

2005-—Paul W. Babikow

2004—Walter A. Wicklein

2003—Dr. Francis R. Gouin

2002—Dr. William Gimpel, Jr.

2001—Don E. Riddle, Jr.

2000—Miles R. Patterson, Jr.

1999—Jan Stephen Carter

1998—William David Thompson

1997—Ralph M. Quinn

1996—Rodney H. Witman

1995—Kenneth J. Ruhl

1994—J. Landon Reeve, IV

1993—Louis F. Dubbert

1992—Edward L. Hogarth, Jr.

1991—Gene Bunting

1990—Harrison J. Langeler

1989—J. Benjamin Williams

1988—Donald J. McWilliams

1987—LeVerne C. Kohl

1986—Norman Fischer

1985—Richard Simon

1984—John C. Lowry

1983—Carville M. Akehurst

1982—Richard L. Marshall

1981—Andrew N. Adams, Jr.

1980—Ray Gustin, Jr.

1979—Floyd F. Smith

1978—Clara Pielke

1977—Daniel B. Stoner

1976—Albert Behnke

1975—William Dubin

1974—Cyril Klein

1973—Adolphe E. Gude, Jr.

1972—C. Warner Price

1971—Andrew Simon

1970—C. Willard Stoner

1969—Jesse F. Hakes

1968—L.H. Willis

1967—Marion C. McWilliams

1966—Harold E. Stoner

1965—Edward L. Stock, Jr.

1964—E. Sam Hemming

1963—Carl Orndorff

1962—Carville G. Akehurst

1961—Andrew N. Adams, Sr.

1960—E.T. Grier

1959—Frank Primrose

1958—J.H. Burton

1957—L.G. Tingle

1956—P. Donofrio

1955—Henry J. Hohman

1954—Milo G. Coplen

1953—Paul S. Hofman

1952—Adolphe Gude, Sr.

1951—Ronald J. Bailey

1950—Ella Maude Brandt

1949—W.C. Price

1948—Jesse P. Stoner

1947—Ernest Hemming

1946—Jesse P. King